Pumps and Tanks

berk-mgsBlubilt Water brings over 20 years of hydrology experience to the water pumping, storage, and distribution field. By installing only the highest quality components, and servicing what we sell, we give you the same value-added service that we provide in the water treatment marketplace.

Precision-engineered, high quality, rugged Berkeley MGS Series Stainless Steel  Pumps deliver efficient, dependable performance even in rough, aggressive water.  Built to deliver long-term, trouble-free service, these pumps include a floating impeller design which resists sand and reduces sand locking. All Blubilt Water pumps carry a minimum three-year factory warranty.

WELLMATE water tanks are constructed of corrosion-proof composite materials, from the high density polyethylene inner liner to the fiberglass-wound and epoxy resin-sealed outer shell. Since they contain no steel, they can't rust and there is no paint to scratch or touch up. They are light weight, making them quicker, easier, and less costly to install than steel tanks. WELLMATE tanks are constructed of FDA-approved materials, and so are safe to use for all your water needs. All Blubilt Water pressure tanks carry a five-year factory warranty.

Blubilt technicians are available Monday through Friday for sales and service of water treatment equipment, water pumps, and water distribution systems.