Full Service Water Treatment

Blubilt Water provides full service to you, including water testing and three types of water treatment for your home or office:

Designing your Water Treatment System

Any water rehabilitation project begins with a water test. A Blubilt hydrologist will test and analyze your water. These test results, along with client information including the productivity of your well, daily usage requirements, and any other user specific issues, will be used to determine what water treatment equipment is required.

Step One: Whole-House Treatment

BB-filtersOur first aim in designing a whole-house system is to remove iron, manganese, and other stain-causing minerals. Secondly, if required, we will raise the pH level, thus lowering acidity, to minimize corrosion. Finally, we will soften the water to remove deposit-causing minerals such as calcium and magnesium. After this treatment has been applied, you will see improvements such as no more toilet ring or deposits on fixtures, significant reduction in the amount of soap needed, softer hair, and less drying of your skin. Not only is this a significant cost savings to you, but it is also easier on the environment by reducing the amount of soap and detergent that enters the ground water system.

Finally, after improving the water’s aesthetics, we will determine whether or not the water is potable, and if any pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms are found, we will treat them with a whole-house ultra-violet system.

Depending on your water quality and requirements, you may need one or all of these systems. We strive to install a minimal, cost-effective, system, that solves all of your water problems. All systems can be purchased or rented.


There are several type of systems that can be used to perform your whole-house water treatment. A Blubilt hydrologist will visit your site at no cost and design a custom solution to suit your needs. Only the best quality, commercial grade equipment and supplies are used by Blubilt.

All whole-house systems carry a minimum of 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Step Two: Point of Use

Point-of-useAfter we’ve improved the aesthetics and potability of your water, the next step is to provide safe, delicious water at your kitchen sink. These systems will provide absolute confidence in your drinking water. Reverse osmosis or carbon block micro-filtration will provide the same quality of water that you buy in bottles at the store, and will save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Three different types of point of use treatment are available:

One or all three of these systems will be used to provide absolute confidence in the water that you drink and cook with. Your Blubilt hydrologist will design the best system for you at the lowest cost. Point of use systems generally carry a one-year parts and labor warranty. All systems can be purchased or rented.

Step Three: Office Water Systems

office-waterBlubilt provides hot and cold water dispensers that connect directly to your office water supply, utilizing reverse-osmosis technology to provide an infinite supply of bottled-quality water, with significant cost savings over bottled water. These systems are available for sale or rent, rental usually being the most cost-effective.

Blubilt technicians are available Monday through Friday for sales and service of water treatment equipment, water pumps, and water distribution systems.